Who Hacked Dartbeat?

By Emma Chiu, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/19/16 10:00am

  1. The Cornell Chronicle

It’s Big Green vs. Big Red, the online journalism edition.

  1. Dartbeat Editors who don’t want to edit stories

Come on, it’s the perfect crime!

  1. Hany Farid, Head of the Dartmouth CS Dept

He used to work for the FBI and has been called the the "father" of digital image forensics by NOVA - this would be child’s play for him. Probably something he enjoys in his free time.

  1. The inheritors of the Charles Schulz Estate

Do they make money every time Snoopy's image is posted on the internet?

  1. Buzzfeed

Maybe they’re feeling threatened that we also make a lot of lists and quizzes. Most likely they feel threatened because they know we’re funnier.

  1. Keggy the Keg

After a few drinks from his own head,Keggy would.

  1. Someone who really likes the Wingdings font

“Forget comic sans, Wingdings is the most unfairly persecuted font!” they shout.“Let me turn my next essay in using Wingdings because I haven’t written it and it’s due tomorrow!" they cry.

  1. Phil Hanlon

It’s quite possible he was offended when we exposed his daily schedule to the world.

  1. Viagra

Taking down our site while simultaneously trying to get us up.


Emma Chiu, The Dartmouth Staff