What You Googled This Week: Snow Storm Edition

By Lauren Budd | 1/27/16 7:38am

We may have avoided the twenty-six inches that hit the Mid-Atlantic this week, but there’s snow way to avoid the truth that a blizzard in Hanover is inevitable. Blizzards make possible the Dartmouth winter fun we all love to fail at: skiing, snowball fights and trying to identify people behind big furry hoods. But with the news of an impending snowstorm also come 1) panic and 2) a boatload of questions you don’t have the answers to. Luckily, you have Google for that:

First comes the preparation stage.
1 final

Then the storm actually begins.

2 final

But can anything really prepare you for the moral dilemmas that will arise?

3 final

Perhaps you’ll venture out…

4 final

5 final

Or stay in…

6 final

Maybe you’ll set your sights somewhere warmer.

7 final

Or at least somewhere that isn’t Hanover.

8 final

But your memory of the cripplingly cold winter will soon disappear, and by spring term you’ll inevitably be searching things like:

9 final


All screenshots courtesy of Lauren Budd, The Dartmouth Staff

Lauren Budd