What You Googled This Week: Jobs & Internships Edition

By Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/20/16 6:21am

Overheard '16 at gym crossing: “Maybe if I let them hit me with their car, they’ll give me a job!”

It’s also the time of furious Google searching. Google searching like this:

You did. You missed corporate recruiting. You could be a lawyer, maybe?

Or maybe not.

You break for some inspiration.

And now you’re back on track.

Or maybe you try a different direction.

That’s a dead end. You don’t look good in hoodies.

(It’s pretty bad.) But don’t worry. Sooner or later, Google will have your back.

Thanks, Google, that’s just what I meant.


All screenshots courtesy of Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff.

Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff