Picks of the Week 16W.1

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 1/11/16 8:00am

Dartbeat asks a group of musically inclined students to recommend their favorite song picks of the week. We then share a few of those tracks. Enjoy!


Alan Walker – Faded

Jillian Dayneka: You will definitely see this track on your Spotify stream this winter. Alan Walker is both a graphic designer and programmer who finds inspiration from YouTube. Not only does Walker design music videos, he also produces music himself. Walker's "Faded" features a slow build in this universally appealing dance track. Electro-inspired but not too heavy, "Faded" could be Walker's first big break as a musician.


First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

Katie Hake:"My Silver Lining" is the first song off of First Aid Kit's Stay Gold (2014). I know it's 2016 and the start of your "new year, new me" mantra, but this song is featured in this awesome short ski film and if you missed it in 2015, now's the time to watch it. Maybe you'll be inspired to hit the slopes this term, maybe you'll be more inclined to stay inside and hide under some blankets. Either way, this is a great indie jam to accompany your 16W activities.


Vindata – Automatic (Remix)

Tiantian Zhang: The vocals in this song are incredibly gentle. By using a simple beat and slowly adding elements that complement it, Vindata does a great job of building up to the beat drop without overpowering Aluna Francis' singing. Be sure to check out the original song by AlunaGeorge for a slower interpretation.

The Dartmouth Web Staff