NotTheOnion: New Hampshire Local News

By Lucy Tantum | 1/14/16 9:30am

LEBANON – A Lebanon patrolman pulled over a driver who allegedly crossed the yellow line, nearly hitting a police car on Dartmouth College Highway. The driver stopped the car and fled into the woods, where he was then found by a Lebanon K9 officer.

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Welcome to New Hampshire state road sign

CLAREMONT – Donald Trump visited a local gun shop on Tuesday, Jan. 7. The owners and operating manager of the store presented Trump with a customized AR-15 rifle. The rifle was assembled in a local manufacturing shop. It was decorated with an American flag and New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free or Die.”

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BRENTWOOD – Police have been unable to ascertain the password on a phone that could provide crucial evidence for a murder case. The phone has been in police custody for six months, but has remained locked. The police have requested the courts to order AT&T, the service provider for the locked phone, to turn over the device’s data.

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Lucy Tantum