6 Best Spots To Hide On Campus

By Anna Staropoli | 1/22/16 8:30am

As small as the Dartmouth campus is, sometimes we still yearn for some quiet alone time. Campus is crawling with hidden rooms, tucked away study spaces and cozy alcoves perfect for escaping the bustling Hanover street(s?). Whether you're hiding from the weird hookup that won't stop flitzing you or in need of a study session (Week 3 midterms, whaaat?), here are the six best places to hide out on campus:

Third Floor Sanborn House

Sanborn Library is probably one of Dartmouth's prettiest study spaces, with its cozy armchairs and 4 p.m. teatime. But sometimes there are just too many people reading, napping or (most likely) resenting you for accidentally dropping your pen. Is the English major whose name you forget headed your way? Fear not: Walk up two flights of stairs to the English Department's main offices and take shelter among the book collections. Don't worry, your only companions here will be fictional.

The Poetry Room

The Poetry Room actually doubles as a classroom, but once afternoon classes are over, it empties to reveal a beautiful, hidden study space just across from Sanborn Library. Not only is it out of sight, but it also offers great seating variety: wooden Windsor chairs, cozy armchairs and plush couches (just enough seats for all the people who won't find you nestled in the corner!)

Phone Booth Near Orozco Mural Room

Yes, it's cramped and probably really cold, but there are few better places to hide on campus. Once you've closed that door, you’ll be safe from running into that girl on first floor Berry whose fracket you stole; safe from yelling Novak employees; and safe from the 'shmob approaching Baker lawn. Plus, you'll finally have an excuse to return the 15 missed calls from your mom.

Thompson Arena


Past Leverone and much too far for anyone to stop through, Thompson Arena is a relatively warm and isolated haven away from campus. The arena is fairly empty throughout the day and gives anyone looking to hide out their pick at the green benches. Study on them, nap on them or, if you're there long enough, claim them as your own for the next Saturday night hockey game.

Under Mound of Snow Outside Your Dorm

When you get too warm in the tower room but want a spot equally as antisocial, look no further than right outside your dorm room. Pick a pile, find a heap and plop yourself on any mound. If you're feeling adventurous, put those ENGS skills to the test and build a snow fort. I promise, no one will find you inside.

The Stacks

Few who enter the stacks ever come out. A land of metal tables, sad books and the occasional rogue condom, the stacks is the ultimate hideaway.

Anna Staropoli