Seven Alternative Tails Themes

By Kate Hildreth | 1/28/16 9:00am

Everyone knows that a theme can make or break any social event. Many of our tried and true tails themes have recently begun to lose their luster, so here aresome alternatives to seven of Dartmouth's most worn-out tails themes.

Alternative to Onesie Theme: The Birthday Suit

Everyone loves an excuse to put on a warm, fuzzy animal suit. But onesie tails can get old and boring, especially if you only own one onesie! To ~mix~ things up, I suggest birthday suit tails—just like Dating Naked, but with more (MDF-approved) alcohol.

Alternative to 80s Theme: The 1880s

In my opinion, the 80s theme is a little passé. Why not mix things up by switching to a whole new century?

Alternative to Wedding Tails: Divorce Tails

Let's expand on the usually forgotten (and sad) end to wedding tails, and create an event entirely dedicated to divorce! You can dress up as a lawyer, an ex-wife or an ex-husband and use both your hands for the entire night!

Alternative to Cartoon Character Theme: Sunday Afternoon Cartoon Character Tails

Because who doesn’t love reading the funnies?

Alternative to Jungle Theme: The Pacific Northwest

Cheetah and leopard prints are always going in and out of style, so I propose transitioning to a different part of the globe—the Pacific Northwest! Come dressed as your favorite PNW creature: Be a bear, a beaver, or a salmon!

Alternative to ABC Theme: (Mos) DEF Tails

This theme requires way less effort and is inspired by Mos Def—a win-win if you ask me. Just be sure you come prepared to spit your best lines!

Alternative to Disco Theme: Square Dancing Tails

How do you even dress for disco??? Not everyone can pull off John Lennon sunglasses, so I encourage you to embrace your inner Texan. (Everything is bigger in Texas, right? ;))

Kate Hildreth