By You | 11/6/15 9:08am

’19 at late night: "We're going to have to segregate the tenders!"

’16: “I’m saving the environment by taking notes over my notes… It’s actually just called laziness.”

'16: "I dreamt that I was a biomolecule the other night."

'16 1: "I'm just proud myself for still wearing pants."
'16 2: "The other day I celebrated myself because I showered."
’17: “Would you like to hear more Neuro facts? No? Well you’re welcome.”

’16: “I told him we wouldn’t be using his slides. It was like he just got broken up with, man.”

’16: "I have a 9L tomorrow. He's out of his damn mind if he thinks we're hooking up tonight."

’19: "Muscle Milk doesn't even have that much protein, bro. My mom bought some at Costco and it's only like 20 grams."