What Your Laptop Stickers Say About You

By Emma Chiu | 10/6/15 6:52am

On any given tour through FFB, you’ll likely notice a unique collection of colorful laptops and water bottles sitting on the desks of the hard-working undergrads (but since this is FFB, are they working hard or hardly working?). By now any Dartmouth undergrad has probably seen most of the following stickers, but the question remains: what do they really say about the person they belong to?

Trips 2014
’18: “I was too stressed about having a stickerless water bottle after Trips so I just decorated it with the first thing they gave me.”
’19: “Same as the ’18s. Except I was twice as desperate because I’m using a sticker from a trip I didn’t go on…”

Vineyard Vines
“Sometimes I feel like I have to validate my whiteness with a preppy sticker. Salmon shorts aren’t always enough.
"I'm an insecure undergrad with secure parents."
“I just want to be a marine biologist, OK?!”

“A lot of people here backpack, but my backpacking experience was more unique. And more leadership-oriented. And…definitely cheaper.”
“This program changed my life. At least that’s what I said in my Common App essay.”

Dartmouth logo
“This is probably one of the least common stickers in Hanover. Especially for people my age.”
“I do not go to this school, but it seems super chill.”

Dartmouth sports logo
Athlete: “Since I can’t wear my DP2 shirt every day, I still need to display my varsity affiliation somehow. God forbid someone thought I was a NARP.”
NARP: “When you want people to think you’re an athlete but don’t have the energy to steal a DP2 shirt…get a sticker of a Dartmouth sport!”

The North Face or Patagonia
“I live in a place that sees 85-degree weather year-round.”
“I hate how this makes me look outdoorsy at home but just mainstream at Dartmouth.”

State outline
“I am either from California or Texas. But most likely Texas.”
“I’m also one of those kids with my state flag hanging above my bed.”

Political campaign sticker
“I chose Dartmouth just so I could vote in an early primary. I was also equally considering Southern New Hampshire University.”
“If you hate my candidate, just remember: I could be covering this in Trump stickers if I wanted.”

American flag
“Just reminding all you international students what country you’re in.”
“F--- the metric system.”


American Vineyard Vines Whale
“I am a patriotic marine biologist.”

Emma Chiu