Texts From Last Night: Homecoming 2015

By Grace Miller, The Dartmouth Staff | 10/13/15 6:23am

Here are some Dartmouth students’ Texts From Last Night:

(908): When you sleep through the night sitting up against a wall bc you were too drunk to lie down

(508): At least I don’t have to worry about getting laid this weekend because I just got f--ked by that midterm

(603): can someone fnr me
(603): world is sobbing
(603): by fire pit
(603): beef f

(732): Oh god speaking of butts I just remembered something from last night

(892): oops
(892): I may have just made out with your friend
(365): yeah you did

(650): Going to the hospital. Lost half a tooth

(602): Does anyone else hate kids

(617): Quit raging in my dwelling place, my place of zen and peace

(902): I can relieve you of your duties
(902) hehe I said duties. What a funny word

(214): Hi
(503): Psi u or die

(207) did you leave a traffic cone in my bed?

(451): Nice! I love coeds

(207): Hi, can you teach me how to friendsy
(917): Can't help sorry. Where are you?
(207): My bed, not leaving. What do you hit, like just hookup?
(917): I usually do hookup and date, can I come to your bed?
(207): Yes

Grace Miller, The Dartmouth Staff