By You | 10/30/15 9:01am

Gov. Prof: “Iraq was a representative democracy... but it only represented one person.”

Gov. Prof: “I don’t know who was in this classroom last night but it seems like they were throwing chalk at each other... Just like the House of Representatives”

’18 on FFB: “It’s not even May, why is that thing even up?”
Other ’18: “It’s for Day of the Dead, not Cinco de Mayo…”
Adult in Novack: “I think I went through daylight savings two decades ago and just never recovered.”

‘19: “I’m so stressed!
Other ’19: “Why? What’s wrong?”
‘19: “I have a paper due tomorrow and a midterm on Wednesday. But that’s fine. I’m stressing about my Halloween costume. It might not come on time!”

Student: “I have three beers on my body”

’16: “What happens if you put hand sanitizer on your feet?”

’19: “Where are you guys going?”
Other ’19: “We’re going to TDX! Oh wait no, we’re going to Psi U!”

’19: “Are you going to the highlighter party tonight?”
Other ’19: “No. Heorot is a place of hot, sweaty, moist gyration.”