By You | 10/9/15 9:18am

’18: “Do you ever like randomly start smelling vodka?”
’16: “That's hand sanitizer, are you serious?”
'18: “I thought it was like some weird psychological thing...”

’19: "Dude, I feel like every time I see you, you're wearing the same thing."
’19: "I probably am."

’17: "Listen, I've spent six months at Phi Delt, I know about music."

’19, looking for a party: “Do you guys want to go to Tuck?”

'18: “A lot of people in high school said they could see me on coke. Probably just because I was so neurotic. I would be a machine.”

’19: "Ugh I hate it when you run into a language prof then have to start speaking to them in that language. We're in America, dammit."

‘17: “I once tried to kill a chipmunk at camp and then I cried”

’16: "English and art history is the official double major of Kappa Kappa Gamma."