10 Stages of a Freshman's First Night Out

By Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff | 10/19/15 6:35am

To the chagrin and dismay of many upperclassmen, the six-week ban on freshmen entering fraternity basements will finally be lifted today. As we cherish these last few nights of tranquility before basements are infiltrated by eager schmobs, rolling our eyes as we hear them discuss “Pi U” and “ZAE” (but repressing our secret jealousy that they still see frats as a novelty), freshmen are anticipating their first official entrance into Dartmouth’s Greek scene.
Whether you’re wildly excited, terrified or even indifferent, it will indisputably be a unique and (hopefully) memorable experience. Here’s a sample of what your night might entail:

  1. Pregame

  1. Schmob exodus


  1. The entrance

  1. The first descent

  1. The Big Reveal


  1. Overly animated socializing

  1. Attempting to get on table

  1. Dance Party

What a time to be alive

  1. Repeat

  1. Late Night Collis

Caroline Berens, The Dartmouth Staff