Around the Ivies

By Hayley Hoverter | 10/22/15 4:51am

Brown University: A student suspended for sexual misconduct in 2014 is now suing the University for due process violation and gender-based discrimination, the Brown Daily Herald reported . The student, formerly a member of the Class of 2017, was asked to leave campus before the University investigated the case and held a hearing, which resulted in a two-and-a-half-year suspension. The student was charged with illegal possession or use of alcohol, violent physical force or injury, non-consensual sexual misconduct and sexual misconduct involving penetration.
Columbia University: This week, Columbia researchers were the first to publish evidence of the correlation between anorexic behavior and brain activity, establishing anorexia as habitual behavior. The research is groundbreaking in that it debunks the myth that anorexia is caused by self-control, the Columbia Spectator reported.

Cornell University: The American Physical Society awarded physics professor Peter Lepage the J.J. Sakurai Prize for his work with quantum field theory, the Cornell Sun reported. His work involves mimicking the way neutrons, protons and electrons interact with one another. The last time a Cornellian was awarded this prize was in 1990.

Harvard University: Citing anti-discrimination laws, Harvard students are working to provide a ballot referendum that would allow the administration to gain authority over final clubs. Although it is uncertain whether this would be legally feasible, the referendum will potentially be put on the ballot for the Undergraduate Council to vote on in their next election, the Harvard Crimson reported. They have at least 120 of the needed 670 signatures to add it to the ballot.

Princeton University:As of Oct. 20, 19 students have been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease at the University since the start of this academic year. According to the Daily Princetonian, the disease is most commonly found in children under the age of five. It is very contagious and symptoms include rashes and painful sores.

University of Pennsylvania:Helen Gym, a Penn alumnae who graduated in 1993, is running as a Democratic candidate for Philadelphia’s City Council. Her platform is education and housing reform for marginalized communities, and her previous work in the area included founding the Parents United for Public Education 2006, an organization that sought to change the rhetoric surrounding public schools.

Yale University: A libel probe has been filed against Jan Gross, a former Yale professor, by prosecutors in Poland, the Yale Daily News reported. The grounds for the accusation lie in an op-ed he wrote, which asserts that Poles were responsible for the deaths of more Jews in World War II than Germans. The column argued that European nations have favored Christian refuges over those of other religions, and a spokesman for Poland’s Foreign Ministry denounced the statements in an article in Time magazine. Gross claims that he cannot be convicted of libel for telling the truth.

Hayley Hoverter