Dartmouth Admissions: Part Eight

By Grace Miller and The Dartmouth Staff | 9/29/15 11:31am

Welcome back to Dartmouth Admissions!

For those not in the know, Dartmouth Admissions is the love child of a bad pun and a crazy idea. Basically, I stand outside of the admissions building and yell at people to “admit” things to me — sometimes openly, sometimes anonymously. Mostly this consists of me alienating my friends and making tour groups uncomfortable.
A new school year comes with fresh possibilities of embarrassing yourself. Whether it’s stepping in dog poop under a pile of crunchy leaves, falling on your face when attempting to wear heels during rush or farting in front of that one ’16 you really want to hook up with before they graduate, the term is young. The good news is that your embarrassment is not all for nothing — looking at you ’19s — because you always have Dartmouth Admissions.


Here’s to 15F!

All Photos Courtesy of Grace Miller, The Dartmouth Staff

Have an admission you’d like to share? Blitz me at grace.a.miller.17@dartmouth.edu or just approach the crazy person waving giant pieces of paper in front of McNutt!

Grace Miller

The Dartmouth Staff