6 Ways To Cope With Saturday Classes

By Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff | 9/24/15 4:40am

1. Saturday classes are scheduled earlier in the day than usual, so if you have classes between 8 and 10 in the morning, you may as well pull an all-nighter and enjoy your Friday night — maybe even complete the Lou’s Challenge.

2. Then you can use the fact that you had class as an excuse for not doing anything the rest of the day. And you’ll still have all of Sunday to do your work regret it.

3. Do something extra special on Saturday to keep your spirits high, whether it be heading to Starbucks for your first pumpkin spice latte of the season or ordering that thing that’s been sitting in your Amazon wish list for the past three weeks.

4. Alternatively, you can embrace your inner cynic. As you’re sitting in class, just keep telling yourself, “only seven more days until the weekend.”

5. And when you get back to your room after class, watch a few episodes on Netflix to de-stress, and just let your anger and frustration at whoever told you “college will be fun” simmer.

6. Or, if you really refuse to partake in Saturday classes, it’s still not too late to drop a class and switch into one with a professor who chose not to have class on Saturday.

Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff