By You | 5/8/15 8:13am

FoCo Employee to student post-Derby: "Ma'am, you need to put your shoes on.”

’16: “I’m sorry I walked in on you having sex and didn’t leave.”
Unidentified Dartbeat editor: “I have an Instagram, but it’s secret. I only use it to follow NASA and the Department of the Interior.”

’16: “I’m gonna go lie in bed and listen to Kygo and pretend it’s Green Key.”

Linguistics prof: “Basically the take-home message is: be confused.”

Psychology prof: “We are all dogs. We are not good examples of dogs, but we are dogs.”

’16 in KAF line: “I forgot how much I actually hate warm weather.”

’16: “I’m not sure what to think, my boyfriend calls making out ‘mouth action.'”