Dartmouth Admissions: Part Seven

By Grace Miller and The Dartmouth Staff | 5/22/15 8:45am

That, my friends, is how we have arrived at week eight of spring term, when it feels like just yesterday I was watching 1000 scared ’18s run around the bonfire. It has been a year of secrets for me, one that began with one of my more stupid story pitches: “what if I photographed people admitting things outside the admissions building.”

Let me ask you a question: what does someone with four nipples, someone who pees in graveyards, someone who has ordered a stripper and a couple of party animals have in common? They go to Dartmouth, they have shared their stories and they are amazing people.


Even dogs have admissions. Xena wanted to let those people last week know that all nipples are beautiful.

Grace Miller

The Dartmouth Staff