Catching Up With Ill Fayze

By Hayley Hoverter | 5/19/15 10:12am

The last time Dartbeat interviewed Marcus Reid ’18, aka our own beloved Ill Fayze, he was killing it performing “McLaughlin Anthem” his freshman fall. I caught up with him this Green Key to reflect on his freshman year and find out what’s next for his music.
The burning question — if Ill Fayze would release any more residence-hall themed music soon? Perhaps an EP titled “Ill Fays” — anyone? Sorry.

How was it coming into Dartmouth your first year? Did you feel like a celebrity when you got to McLaughlin?

MR: You could say that. It kind of altered the first-year college experience for me. Having upperclassmen know your name— I never really expected that. The fact that it blew up on any level was bewildering.
It was pretty awesome having new people coming up to me. It facilitated meeting new people freshman year. The positive of that is that it gave me exposure —; on the negative it broke down genuine friendships.

Was all of the hype about McLaughlin true?

MR: It was a good time! My floor was a really close community. I really have no complaints.
My experience reaffirmed what I said in the song. I was blessed and fortunate enough to get along really well with my floor and my roommate.

Where are you living next year?

MR: That’s up in the air. Unfortunately, I got waitlisted. I’ll probably find out soon.

Where are you hoping to live?

MR: I really want to live in a central location — I’m a film and media studies major, so hopefully I can get into the Masses or Fays.

Do you think you’ll write another anthem?

MR: I’m not sure if I want to relive that. I want to reinvent my sound so I can show the people who underestimate me that I’m capable of more quality work. I want to take advantage of the resources at Dartmouth and continue to meet and collaborate with talented people here. I’m also hoping to make a music video sometime in the future.

You can hear Ill Fayze’s music on his Soundcloud and on YouTube.

Hayley Hoverter