10 Things You Should Get P.E. Credit For But Don’t

By Rebecca Rodriguez | 5/6/15 7:40am

If you’re a NARP, chances are you still haven’t completed your P.E. requirements. Even though there are roughly a million NARP-y classes you can take (I’m looking at you, speed reading), it can be hard to find the motivation to sign up on Banner. Plus, there are a lot of everyday activities that already get your heart rate going just as much as organic farming would (yes, that is a P.E. class). Here are 10 things you should get P.E. credit for, but unfortunately don’t.
1. Living in the River. On a windy day the walk up Tuck Drive is pretty much this:

2. Having a class in the LSC. Every day you actually manage to get to class is an accomplishment.

3. Doing the circuit. This means going off Webster. Only then you can brag.

4. Living on the third floor or higher. Every time you make the trek, it ends in a nap from pure exhaustion.

5.Getting KAF between 10s and 11s. When you get that latte by 11:12 a.m. and can still run to class.

6.Having your car in A Lot. You need a car just to get your car…to go to Ice Cream Fore-U.

7.Doing the Dartmouth Seven. How is that not an athletic accomplishment?

8. Doing the rounds for a study spot during finals. You have to check EVERYWHERE, and then even the annexes are full.

9. The stretches you do to get past people in Collis. It’s almost as exhausting as hot yoga.

10. Going up any flight of stairs in your winter coat. Once you get to the top, you’re so done.

Rebecca Rodriguez