By You | 4/10/15 8:22am

'16 at Fresh: “This kinda feels like worthy burger!”

'17: "Am I the only one who is happy it's still snowing? I always feel a little depressed when winter ends and the weather gets warmer."
'17: "You must be drunk."

'15 (in reference to "Uptown Funk"): “Who is Julio, and why does he need to get the stretch?”

Anthropology prof: “I can still respect your culture and its differences while I rape and pillage your people.”

Education prof: “The neurons in your brain strengthen from experience.”
’16 boy whispers to friend: “My pong neurons must be really strong…”

Film prof: "I've never said penis more in 2 hours"

’15 (looking at a lamp): “What is it? Is it a humidifier? No, I get it. It’s for weed, isn’t it.”

’17: “I’m saving myself for Collis Steve”