By You | 4/3/15 3:53am

'18: "Spring is finally here!!! So excited!!!” *walks outside* “Aaaaand it's snowing.”

'18 #1: "I have a really good housing number. Probably going to be in Mid Mass."
'18 #2: "You should be in Mid Ass. I hate you."

'18:"My roommate was so horrified that I slept through both my classes on the first day back, but I was like, Tri-Delt is selling Girl Scout cookies this week. Get your priorities straight.”

Girl on Berry 1: “Some people like chocolate milk. You do you. I like Perrier.”

Econ professor: "It turns out that Econ is basically just applied math, which is something I really wish I had known before I went and got a Ph.D. in it.”

’18:"There's now a Morgan Stanley internship on Dartboard, so I think I just heard every econ major simultaneously orgasming”

'18: "I went to Britain when I was 18, but didn't drink because I had to abide by the laws of my home country.”

Guy in Collis:"I signed up for astronomy and then I got to class and realized it wasn't astrology. I was pissed."

’16: “Now that hard alcohol is banned, I think I’m just going to eat less dinner to get drunk faster — win-win.”