Dartmouth April Fool's Pranks

By Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/1/15 4:05am

April Fools' Day is upon us again, and Dartbeat has put together a few ways to finally establish yourself as an evil mastermind — the ultimate prankster. Of course, your prank depends heavily upon whom you’re pranking, so we’ve divvied up our list of ideas based on just that. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t celebrate the holiday last year or if you’re known for your pranks and are looking to kick things up a notch. Either way, we’ve got you covered.
Significant Other:
When it comes to your significant other, it may be best to avoid the fake breakups, pregnancy announcements and proposals. Instead, you could say that you’ve decided to get their name tattooed onto your body, and even ask for their help in deciding where it should go. Or you could bake one of their favorite desserts but replace the frosting with mayonnaise. You get the idea.

Best to turn to the experts for this one: check out YouTubers Caspar Lee and ThatcherJoe, roommates who consistently prank each other on their channels. Check out the roommate break-up prank here, and a larger ultimate prank compilation here.

Are you really going to prank your prof? If you’re going for something really daring, just make sure you don’t get caught. But if you play a milder prank, it could work in your favor, and you might leave a lasting impression to help you stand out from week one. Here’s a hilarious prank that shows how it could be done.

Tell your friend you got into the class that they’re really desperate to get off the waitlist for. Prepare to face their wrath.
Or, tell your friend that you want to have a really serious conversation with them about something that’s been on your mind for a while. Then ask, as awkwardly as possible, if the two of you are best friends.

Tell them you’ve already been busted for violating the hard alcohol ban. The bonus of this prank? You can learn a lot about your relationship just by seeing if they believe you or not.

Get a bunch of friends together and start prank calling strangers or restaurants, like you did in the good old days. Make a game of who can make the most ridiculous call. It’s sure to make for a good time.
You can also dress up in flair and do random wake-ups across campus — although this prank would likely result in some pretty grumpy or downright hostile reactions.

Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff