Dartbeat Asks: #TBT to Dimensions Past

By Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/23/15 10:15am

Given that the third Dimensions weekend is kicking off, we thought we’d take the chance to ask students what they remember about their Dimensions experience. As you see prospective ’19s walking around campus today and tomorrow, try to remember what it was — whether you went to Dimensions or not — that first caught your eye about Dartmouth. When I went to Dimensions, I remember eating with my parents at FoCo and being blown away by the food, and although FoCo may not have the same charm that it did to me on day one, I’m still not ashamed to admit that food probably played a larger role in my college decision than it should have. Here’s what some of your peers remember about their time at Dimensions.

Allison Brouckman ’15:“Dimensions was my first introduction to Dartmouth. I loved meeting prospies who I was able to talk to easily and relate with even though we came from completely different backgrounds. Dimensions showed me that I could make a home here!”

Chrissy Ragin ’17:“I remember feeling really welcomed by the black community during Dimensions. And I was mostly shocked by the protests — shocked and uncertain but really curious as to what was going on.”

James Detweiler ’18:"Dimensions made me so happy...[It was] the biggest deciding factor in my choice to go to Dartmouth."

Evan Griffith ’15:“I would say the three most pivotal moments for me were: meeting [music professor] Bob Duff who introduced me to the [Dartmouth Chamber Orchestra] — which I would later play in and then conduct — talking to Claudia Palmer about the amazing opportunities at Dartmouth Hillel and of course the famous TriKap dance party.”

Melissa Biggs ’18:“I remember going to the Dimensions show and seeing some prospies alreadywearing Dartmouth gear, and I thought, ‘Wow they really wanted to go here.’ Then [I saw the rest of the show] and I thought, ‘Man, I can't wait to go here.’”

Daniel LaFranier '17:“I didn’t have a good time. I always felt like I was tagging along with someone. I never even met the person who was supposed to host me, I just stayed in his dorm.”

Gricelda Ramos ’18:“Dimensions was definitely how I chose to come to Dartmouth. The moment I set foot on campus, was received by the loving community, and saw all Dartmouth had to offer, I knew this was the place I'd call home the next 4 years.”

Fiona Ewing, The Dartmouth Staff