11 Signs Hanover Weather Has Given You Trust Issues

By Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff | 4/16/15 6:53am

Hanover weather is insane. This isn’t news (that’s why it’s on Dartbeat). Four inches of snow on Wednesday? Check. Salmon shorts and sundresses on Saturday? Also check. What with this mercurial climate and the fact that you can no longer go make out with a stranger on the ground floor of AD to vent your angst, it’s normal to be feeling a little on edge. Here are a few 15Signs Hanover weather has given you trust issues.

2. You have three different weather apps that you consult before leaving in shorts.

3. You lock your door now? What’s with that?

4. You changed your laptop password to something with a !special character! No more bagelbabe123 for you, no sir.

5. Someone told you they were a ’15, and you said, “Prove it.”

6. You no longer hand over your phone to strangers so they can take pictures of you.

7. You got a second opinion after the doctor told you your fever was just the flu. On second thought, this could just be a sign you went to Dick’s House.

8. You’ve started sending people Snapchats so you know when they open them, because that means they saw your text and were probably just ignoring you and sneaking around. KAREN, YOU TROLL!

9. Snopes has become your home page.

10. You’re convinced every single person on Tinder is a catfish (and you’re entirely right).

11. The last time someone told you they loved you, you said, “Why?”

Hanover weather doesn’t love you.
No one loves you.
Love is dead.
Happy spring.

Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff