Top 15 Yik Yaks of 15W

By Lilly Bain | 1/29/15 2:11pm

If you've been living in a hole — or maybe just holed up studying for midterms — and still haven’t heard of the popular college app Yik Yak, it’s time to get on that. After all, where else are you going to self-call about how low your GPA is, aggressively procrastinate and find out what other Dartmouth students have to say about everything from FoCo to boring lectures?

15. My GPA is higher than the price of gas. What a time to be alive.

14. Improve Dartmouth: Collis is open on the weekends.

13. How are people my age getting married? I still don’t even have the self-control to not eat all my popcorn before the movie starts.

12. When you follow someone through multiple doors, say thank you quieter and quieter each time.

11. Improve Dartmouth (Secure)

10. Dartmouth. Where you run into every hook up that you hate, and never the one that you loved.

9. All these people talking about seeing recent hookups. I’ve actually never seen anybody that I’ve hooked up with on this campus. Probably because I have never hooked up with anyone on this campus.

8. Name of my college memoir: Things Fall Apart.

7. Juno must be a frat bro because it’s a few inches short of what I expected.

6. Snow so white, it has legacy at Dartmouth.

5. Improve Rush: Use a sorting hat.

4. ‘18s: classes should be canceled!!!!!!! Everyone else: like you getting on table, that isn’t a thing

3. Rest of the nation calls it “Snowpocalypse.” Here at Dartmouth, we call it “Tuesday.”

2. You know it’s midterms week when your professor says you have a midterm this week.

And the top Yak of 15W so far, what we’ve all been thinking about this blizzard:

1. Dartmouth may be fully operational, but I won’t be.

Lilly Bain