Around the Ivies

By Irene Cofie | 1/22/15 7:39am

Brown University: Karla Kaun, assistant professor of neuroscience at Brown University, has obtained a three-year grant worth $300,000 for her work on alcohol and memory studies, the Brown Daily Herald reports. Supported by the grant, which was awarded by the Smith Family Awards Program for Excellence in Biomedical Research, Kaun will study fruit flies’ propensity for alcohol with the intention of discovering treatment methods for alcohol addiction.

Columbia University: Columbia is under investigation for potential violations of Title IX and Title II, the Columbia Spectator reported on Jan. 12. According to the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, the investigations were launched on Jan. 8. In a statement to the Spectator, the University’s administration said that it was committed to complying with the investigations.

Cornell University: Following its construction in Enfield, New York —a town only a short distance from Ithica —Cornell University will draw up to 20 percent of its electricity usage from Black Oak Wind Farm, the Cornell Daily Sun reports. According to Sarah Zemanick, Cornell’s director of campus sustainability, the wind farm might help Cornell reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by more than five percent.

Harvard University: Harvard has decided to renovate its Smith Campus Center, the Harvard Crimson reports. Plans for the renovation, which were first formulated in 2013, include modifying the Center so that it spans three floors and adding additional workspaces and student lockers. Renovation is expected to begin in the spring 2016 and continue until 2018.

Princeton University: GirlCode, an application that made the codes for women’s restrooms in Princeton University residential spaces available for download, has been taken off the iTunes store, the Daily Princetonian reported on Jan. 15. The app, developed by Princeton freshmenVictor Zhou ’18 and twin sisters Amanda and Monica Shi ’18, was intended to foster dialogue and reform bathroom code policies for women, according to its creators. Administrators pressured the students to remove the application, the Daily Princetonian reported.

University of Pennsylvania: In a meeting with Daily Pennsylvanian staff, University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann explained her decision to participate in a December “die-in” protest, the Daily Pennsylvanian reports. Gutmann, who made national headlines for her participation in the protest, faced criticism from Penn Police Association president Eric Rohrback, who authored a column in the Daily Pennsylvanian criticizing her actions. Gutmann explained her participation by saying that is possible to show both solidarity with protestors and support for police.

Yale University: Charles Johnson ’54, the largest single-gift donor in the history of Yale University, has been accused of defrauding $150 million from the heir of one of his mutual funds earliest investors, the Yale Daily News reports. Johnson, who chaired the fund Franklin Resources, retired from his position in June of 2013. He is being sued for breaching fiduciary duty, amongst other actions.

Irene Cofie