Dartmouth Admissions: Part Five

By Grace Miller and The Dartmouth Staff | 11/7/14 7:00am

Announcement: Week eight is coming to an end. Week. Eight.

Going to Dartmouth alters your concept of time. On any given day I could tell you how many days I have been on campus and how many days I have left, because I am constantly running out the clock. Whether that is turning assignments in at 11:59 p.m. the night they are due, postponing finding a job for my off-term until three weeks before break or trying to pack one term of intimacy into a single month.

Small talk is a foreign concept to me.

Having only ten weeks to get to know people, I have been known to start conversations with “Hi, I’m Grace, I was accidentally dropped on my head as a baby, I will probably end up a cat-lady and I still laugh at poop-jokes, what’s your deepest, darkest secret?”

Exhibit A as to why I still write this column.

In all the chaos of the 10-week term we rarely have a chance to take a deep breath and reflect. This is my reflection on what this column has meant to me this term:

  1. Being introduced as “This is Grace, she is the Dartmouth Admissions girl!” (side note: still better than “this is Grace, she is really tall”)
  2. Being able to say “I have my own column” in a job interview sounds really good
  3. Subsequently having to send potential employers a link to my column is not as impressive
  4. Learning that everyone on this campus is just as strange as me
  5. Discovering that people are open, honest, and willing to share embarrassing and personal stories

Thank you to everyone that made this column possible, I expect some good stories from break when I return!

Grace Miller

The Dartmouth Staff