16 Things You Could’ve Done With Your Extra Hour

By Stacy Livingston | 11/4/14 3:00am

1. Played 2.3 games of pong

2. Hung out with Arizonians and witnessed their wonder as the clocks changed back (Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings time)

3. Anxiously wondered whether or not Late Night Collis and EBA’s were open for an extra hour (they weren’t)

4. Hopped into a vintage DeLorean DMC-12, accelerated to 88 mph and hummed the “Back to the Future” theme song

5. That reading for your 11 (snicker)

6. Listened to “Back in Time” by Pitbull, “Time Machine” by the Click Five, “Back to December” by Taylor Swift, “Backwards Traveller” by Paul McCartney and the Wings, “Back in Time” by Huey Lewis and the News, “Time Machine” by Robyn, “The Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Time Machine” by Grand Funk Railroad and still had 218.17 minutes to spare

7. Staged an elaborate siege on a well-protected fortress and, after hours of prolonged combat and pots of hot oil thrown from the ramparts (or diseased cows catapulted into your ranks?) shouted, “fall back!”

8. Had your hair grow .00069 inches

9. Watched 1.39 more episodes of “Teen Wolf”

(this whole post was just a pretense to use this gif)

10. Eaten a Big Green at Lou’s (if you’re a hardo)

11. Consumed 337 chicken wings then rested for half an hour, if you’re Takeru Kobayashi (or approximately 435 if you’re me at late night FoCo this summer)

12. Watched 11.35 percent of the special, extended edition of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy

13. Driven one-third of the way to Montreal

14. Listened to Taylor Swift’s “1989” 1.239 times, or played “Blank Space” 15.58 times on repeat

15. At least four of the Dartmouth Seven

Or if you’re me:

16. Wrapped yourself into a plush blanket burrito to rival the best possible Boloco creation, and slept so hard that you didn’t even notice that the clocks had gone backward

Stacy Livingston