R​iverview Farm Corn Maze: What’s the Hub Bub Bubba Hubbard?

By May Mansour | 10/30/14 8:00am

I grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s right across the Hudson River from New York City (please don’t refer to us as the sixth borough, or we will hurt you). So my autumns were pretty muchspent drinking fake apple cider and eating ShopRite pumpkin pie. Oh, and waiting for the leaves to turn red on the one tree we had on our block and then watching the street sweepers clear out the leaves everyTuesdaymorning. *sigh*

Needless to say, autumn in New Hampshire has been a VERY different experience. There are real trees and farms and farmers markets and pumpkin patches and … and … and … CORN MAZES (the only corn maze in my hometown refers to a hairdo).

A few weekends ago, I packed my mom and sister into a car and headed over to Riverview Farm in Plainfield, New Hampshire. Twenty minutes later, we arrived on the farm. My mom and sister went berry picking, and I hit the almighty labyrinth of corn. I’m not even joking. It was acres and acres of corn, and even at2 p.m., it was still kind of creepy. [DISCLAIMER: THE CORN THEY GROW FOR CORN MAZES IS NOT HARVESTED — IT IS USED TO FEED THE COWS. I LEARNED THIS THE HARD WAY. SERIOUSLY, DO NOT ASK.]

Anyway, each year the maze has a different theme, design and story or riddle, with clues hidden throughout the maze. This year’s story was titled, “What’s the Hub Bub Bubba Hubbard?”

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: The subsequent slideshow will take you through some of the clues, minus all the dead-ends, wrong turns, hidden passageways and rhyming riddles. There are 11 storyboards in total. If you’d rather see themfor yourself first, stop right here and go to Riverview Farm right this second! (But for the sake of this article and my journalistic dignity, please go through the slideshow.)

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So, there was an old woman, named Diddle Hubbard, who lived in a shoe with her husband Bubba, their nine children and a bunch of farmanimals.One day, Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard but when she got there she realizedthe cupboard was empty.Her mouth was wide openwith astonishment and that’s when the fly flew in.Diddle then swallowed the fly. Why?Perhaps she’ll die.

Diddle Hubbard then took off to find each of her children and ask them what happened to the food.

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Let’s go find those kids!

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Here we go…

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This is Diddle’s daughter, Mary Muffett, who was sitting on her tuffett. A spider came,sat down besideherand frightened Little Miss Muffett away. Then Diddle came andswallowed the spider! Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Mary Mary (who was quite contrary). She was feeding sunflowers to the pretty birds in her garden, then Diddle came and swallowed the bird in Mary Mary’s hand! Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Jack B. Nimble. Jack spent most of his time teaching the cat, Yo-Yo, how to play the violin. Then Diddle came and swallowed the cat! Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Jack Sprat, who we call “Spooney”. His wife is so beautiful that he calls her“The Dish.” Diddle came over and swallowed Spooney and The Dish’s dog. Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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And up over the bridge we go…

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Little Jack Horner was shy and quiet. His only friend was the goat with whom he shared his raisin pie. But then Diddle came and swallowed the goat. Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Mary. Mary had a little lamb that she fed handfuls of food from the cupboard. This was until Diddle came and swallowed the sheep! Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Jack, the Hubbards’ oldest son. Jack took the family mule, Jill, to fetch a pail of water. But then Diddle swallowed Jill! Why? Perhaps she’ll die...

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This is Diddle’s tallest child, Jack “the beanpole” Hubbard. Jack traded a few quarts of beans for a cow. He was really excited until Diddle came and swallowed the cow! Why? Perhaps she’ll die.


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Diddle burped so loudly that her husband heard it and came running. Bubba yelled to his youngest child, “Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn!” Diddle was about to explode...

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So now you are probably super confused. And you should be. Because all I did was give you short and ineloquent descriptions of the real clues. (Did I also mention that I left out the last storyboard?) So go to Riverview Farm and find out what happened to Mrs. Diddle Hubbard!

Meanwhile, while you wallow in confusion, enjoy these pics of the pumpkin patch and some ponies.

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And check out the haunted maze event going on this Friday, Oct. 31 at the farm:

Riverview Farm
141 River Road, Plainfield, N.H.

All photos by May Mansour for The Dartmouth.

May Mansour