Productive Procrastination: Web Edition

By Vero Davis | 10/13/14 4:00am

Midterms are upon us all! To help preserve your sanity amid the piles of papers and exams, I have compiled a list of websites for procrastination purposes.

I’m sure you already have your “go-to” sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Of course, there are also websites like Reddit, Blogger, Livejournal and a certain website that shall remain nameless. If you are a novice procrastinator, stop now! Every website I just mentioned is more than enough for a newbie. Please select one (ONE) and make sure you drink lots of water.

For the rest of you, here are some websites that you may not have thought of while you were (not even) trying to write that paper.

1. Google

Did you know that Google has an archive of all its doodles? Well it does, and I have you can spend hours looking through all of them. You can play the games on the interactive ones, and you can even see doodles from all around the world. Check them out here.

2. Garfield Minus Garfield

Yes, you read that correctly. This website is dedicated to taking our favorite Monday-hating lasagna-loving cat out of his own comic. I can’t explain it any better than this description from the website — “Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield from the Garfield comic strips in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle.”

… What.

More comics here.

3. PaP

PaP is the passive aggressive password machine. You type in a password (or anything really) and PaP will make snide comments about your ability to function as an individual. Try it out! You might get some ideas for the next time your mom asks you [insert anything your mom asks].

Try PaP here.


So, this website does exactly what it says. I don’t know how and I don’t know why (I also have no idea why my name looks like Harry Potter), but here you go. Try out your name, or try out a friend’s here.

5. AND

I couldn’t decide which one of these I wanted to post so I decided to do both. is… interesting. Like the url says, there is a fat lady and she loves apples. Why? How? Who knows, but make sure you knock the apple off the table to see something else… interesting.

Now is different, only in the sense that there is no apple-loving fat lady. A weird worm-like creature (It has eyes right? And I think I saw it blink…) moves with your cursor and when you follow the site’s instructions to “shake vigorously,” more weirdness ensues.

Make sure you plug in your earphones or turn up the volume for these two sites! Hang out with a fat lady here and with a… thing, here.

Maybe I’ll do another one of these posts in the future but you never know, I might get distracted.

Vero Davis