9 Thoughts You’ve Had Crossing The Ledyard Bridge For the First Time in a Term

By Doug Phipps | 9/15/14 4:00am

In honor of the impending first week of classes:

1.Why is it so cold already?

2.Are the rumors about “Sussell Rage” true?

3.I can’t wait to rush!

4.I can wait to rush.

5. Why does Hanover’s most famous bridge have so many giant balls on it?

6. Are we actually supposed to run a half-marathon around that fire?

7. Direct flights to Hanover would be pretty sweet.

8. Why isn’t my iCal full yet?

9. It’s good to be back.

Whether you’re stepping on campus for the first time or entering your senior year, the Dartmouth community is thrilled to have you here for the fall. Welcome home!

Doug Phipps