9 Things We are Excited for in the Fall

By Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Staff | 8/19/14 4:30am

Sure, sophomore has been fun — okay, way too much fun — but it’s time we all realize that it’s finals week, and 14X will soon be a fable we tell our children and grandchildren about when we give them their “Dartmouth 2040” sweaters. But let’s try and find the silver lining of it all and figure out what we might have to look forward to during 14F.

1. Real Sports


Summer is a great time to catch up on sleep, and baseball has certainly helped me nap on more than one occasion. Thank goodness we have some gridiron action to look forward to.

2. Football


I’m happy to throw a bone to our friends across the pond — after a great summer of international soccer, fans of ‘the beautiful game’ will be happy to see most European leagues start up over the next month.


3. Leaf Peeping


Via tumblr.com

My friend says that it just means the tree is under stress — he still can’t believe the summer is almost over — but savvy leaf watchers will note that reds and oranges are already popping up around campus.

4. 18s


Courtesy of NBC via tumblr.com

I guess we can be excited for the next generation of Dartmouth – but they are still the worst class ever.

5. Not wishing you had AC


Courtesy of NBC via giphy.com

It might be nice to go to sleep without sweating through my PJs

6. Homecoming


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Running in circles for as long as we can remember.

7. Halloween


Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures and Tim Burton Productions via tumblr.com

Like we need another excuse to wear flair.

8. Pumpkin-flavored everything


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Three words – Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.

9. The depressingly short days and bitter cold.


Courtesy of HBO via giphy.com

Who are we kidding – we all wish we could rewind 14X.

Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Staff