The 12 Stages of Realizing Your Summer Layup Isn’t Actually a Layup

By Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff | 7/31/14 11:24am

Looking at you, Astro 1.

1. When course election rolls around, you’re pumped to see the easy professor is teaching this term. Fulfilling a requirement and still having time to go down to the river all day every day? Awesome.

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2. Day 1: You go over the syllabus as a class. There’s something about weekly quizzes, but it’s kind of a blur. Wait, how long was that final essay supposed to be? What’s the policy on late work? Whatever, syllabi aren’t real.
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3. Day 2: The professor is flying through the first lecture, and you’re trying desperately to keep up with the notes – SLOW DOWN, WHAT ARE WE EVEN LEARNING RIGHT NOW!? I STILL HAVEN’T BOUGHT ANY BOOKS FOR THIS CLASS YET.


4. Night before the first quiz. You glance at your notes while watching Netflix and got to sleep. It’s a layup, so how hard could a quiz be? Besides, you get to drop your lowest quiz grade, so who cares?

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5. Walking out of first quiz: Okay, relax. They have to get easier from here.


6. They don’t get easier from there.


7. Sitting in class becomes unbearable. Every once in awhile, you’ll exchange glances with the person sitting next you and just sigh. Neither one of you has any idea what’s going on.


8. Tedious labs? Hours of work outside of class? What is this? SOMEONE LIED TO ME.

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9. First test – you’re fine. Just breathe. Why would so many people take this class every summer if it wasn’t easy? Right?

10. You get the first test back. This is your face.
11. Week 7: You’re exhausted and have never been more ready for a class to be over. Is it too late to NRO?

12. Walking out of your final: It wasn’t pretty, but it’s over. FREE AT LAST.

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Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff