17 Thoughts Everyone Has During SAUSSY Auditions

By Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff | 7/8/14 6:00am

1) You’re so frickin' ready.

Saussiness: at maximum.

2) You roll in with a couple of your friends.

3) But there are legitimately so many people here.

If there are 1,089 people on campus, every single one of them is here to audition.

4) And is that (fill in the blank)? No way.

No fricking way. You need to see him/ her dance. This person is such an enigma that it will assuredly either be insane or amazing.

5) Should you be stretching, or what? What’s the procedure here?

Give it a shot.

6) You see someone already going very hard. Your jaw drops.

Turn down for what, girl, damn.

7) You also happen to catch a glimpse of the original Saussiers.

Your jaw drops again.

8) So it’s like this, right?

9) Maybe you just need to loosen it up a little.

There, that’s better.

10) Okay, so you’ll be dancing in groups of four.

Safety in numbers, am I right?

11) And you also have to learn choreo.

12) So, you’re saying that it’s “badum bah” and not “bah dum bah…”?


13) It’s okay, nobody saw that.

Wait, right? *you look frantically yet casually around*

14) No, but she messed it up worse.

Atta girl.

15) Wait, but here’s the hips part. You were born for this.

Your hips definitely don't lie.

16) And when it’s over, you’re pretty sure you crushed it.

17) You will now sit nervously in front of your blitz for the rest of the day.

No matter what, though, you’re pretty damn saussy.

Stacy Livingston, The Dartmouth Staff