FoCo Joe: Berry Cheesecake

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 2/28/14 6:00am

After a long week of quizzes, readings and late nights, I knew that I wanted a fruit-filled dessert. A bit of a backstory on the strong desire for fruit – at 2:00 a.m. last night, my friend stopped by Novack just in time for a late night snack en route to McLaughlin. He came home only to find me struggling to finish a paper and handed me a juicy red apple. For some reason after taking the first bite, I hit a turnaround in my paper.

“Why don’t I eat fruit more often?!” I asked myself.

It then hit me that I should be incorporating more fruit into my diet. The FoCo gods must have been thinking the same thing, for as soon as I stepped in today, I saw my future serving of fruit calling out to me — in the dessert section of all places! On the top shelf right next to the cheesecake, I found cups of mixed berries with dollops of whipped cream. My immediate thought was to combine the two! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my mixed berry cheesecake.

Of course there are other ways to create timeless classics that mix fruit and FoCo desserts. One of my personal favorite combinations is cantaloupe and soft serve, garnished with M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces (or both). Fruit and granola is an alternative that tastes great, too. If you’re up for it, an even more creative idea is caramel apples – just slice up an apple and dip the wedges in the caramel sauce over by the soft serve. Making warm caramel sauce is also easy – put some caramel in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave over by the sandwich bar.

It’s really not that difficult to spice up your dessert with fruit — you should give it a shot!

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff