FoCo Joe: Ice Cream Sandwich Bomb

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/16/14 6:00am

Something has definitely changed about the FoCo cookies this term – they are significantly less gooey. But don’t fret! There are still plenty of ways to transform the firmer cookies into a delicious treat, and this ice cream sandwich is just the way to prove it.

A slight digression: growing up, my mom rarely made cookies for my younger sister and me. Baked goods were pretty much an endangered species in my household. Ice cream also floundered, but for different reasons. Of all the frozen treats in the desserts section at Trader Joe’s, the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches were by far the family favorite. We used to easily go through three boxes in two days. Chocolate, vanilla, neapolitan — it didn’t matter. I can’t remember the last time I had a Skinny Cow Ice Cream sandwich, so they might have stopped making them … or my mom just stopped buying them for us.

Anyway, that was my inspiration for making this delectable dessert. I often make food in FoCo, but this definitely makes the cut for my culinary highlights reel.

I start with two firmer, cooler cookies — ones that have been sitting out for longer than 10 minutes or so will do the trick. The still partially gooey pieces of chocolate are buried inside but robust enough on the outside to hold everything together. I then add a dollup of Nutella to each cookie that was placed face-down on the plate. One might ask: is Nutella necessary? If you’re going for a sandwich rivaling that of Barefoot Contessa’s, then absolutely. Nutella gives the sandwich an unbelievable decadence, and also serves as an edible glue that holds everything together. It’s not worth skipping, but it can be easily replaced with peanut butter or Fluffernutter, whichever’s your preference.

Another addition is bits of Oreo sprinkled on top of the Nutella on both cookies. The ice-cream toppings bar is a great place to get creative with this recipe. And don’t forget the cereal line! Granola is another, healthier alternative.

At this point, all that’s missing is ice cream. I go with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, my personal favorite. Soft-serve could work for this, too, but I find it easier to scoop the ice cream and place it neatly on the cookie, rather than attempt to control the soft-serve as it lands clumsily on my plate. If none of the available ice cream flavors entice you, then go for it. Otherwise stick to whatever you’re comfortable with.

The final assembly is straightforward and surprisingly easy. Just take the cookies and press them together! It might be a little messy, but ultimately the sandwich forms quite cohesively. I had no problem picking it up and taking a bite.

Definitely one of my more elaborate creations, this dessert is guaranteed to satisfy and maybe even bring back a few memories. Get ready to shock your taste buds with sweet deliciousness — it hit me like a big yellow school bus.

Special thanks to Koryn Ternes '16

Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff