FoCo Joe: Black-and-White Soft-Serve Shake

By Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff | 1/10/14 3:30am

FoCo Joe: Conjuring up new ways to enjoy old favorites using FoCo’s expansive selection of sweet ingredients.

Black-and-White Soft-Serve Shake

Take a look outside — whether we like it or not, winter has arrived and is here to stay. What better way to push through these grim nine weeks than by getting creative in all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-find FoCo?

Here are some ideas that may inspire your own creative treats to get you through these dreary days.

Few desserts win me over every time like an Oreo milkshake – I love how it makes a marriage out of creamy and crunchy textures. Do not be fooled by FoCo’s absent blender; with just its soft serve and Oreo topping, FoCo offers a perfect alternative to the delectable but costly version offered in Collis.

Here’s my take on the simple classic. Alternate layers of soft serve and Oreo topping (take your pick between the vanilla, chocolate and swirl soft serve), mix with a spoon and you’re set. It’s that easy!

For a thinner texture, drizzle in some milk, but don’t forget that the soft serve is already less creamy than regular ice cream. If you like your shakes thick, don’t bother. You can find numerous other additions at the topping bar (fudge, peanut butter, bananas, and yogurt, just to name a few) to customize your creation.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your boys to the yard with what is sure to be a hit amongst all your friends!


Joseph Kind, The Dartmouth Staff