Get outside this sophomore summer with PE

By Alexandra Johnson, The Dartmouth Staff | 6/21/13 9:00am

Things that people tend to associate with sophomore summer: fun in the sun, the great outdoors, bonding by the river, camp Dartmouth, PE. Bet you didn’t see that last one coming, did you? In fact, many Dartmouth students choose to complete a PE credit during their highly anticipated sophomore summer. A number of special classes are offered during these warmer months, and there are so many options that there’s bound to be something for everyone.

For those looking to maximize their time in the water, sailing is proving to be the most popular choice for summer PE classes. Meeting for two hours each week on Lake Mascoma, sailing is a quintessential way to spend a summer afternoon in New England. Other options for boating enthusiasts are whitewater kayaking and stand up paddleboarding lessons.

Looking to completely immerse yourself in the world of boats? Sign up for the flatwater canoeing overnight where you get to spend an entire blissful weekend on the river. An option for those who would rather remain on the banks of the water is fly fishing, where students learn basic techniques and then get to head out on the river to cast a few reels.

The summer is also a perfect time to brush up on your wilderness survival skills. Ditch your iPhone for the weekend and learn the art of living abundantly in the wilderness. Learn how to start a fire, carve wood and build a shelter in the Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills course. Similarly, DOC cabin overnight courses feature hiking and canoeing by day and wood splitting and cooking over an open fire by night.

If you prefer the country club atmosphere to the crunchy Adirondacks, consider getting a PE credit by spending some time on the golf course. Golf lessons meet for one hour each week.

Of course, the traditional (and not so traditional) yoga, dance and spinning are also available, but your best bet would be to take advantage of one of these summer-only PE classes. Happy exercising!

Alexandra Johnson, The Dartmouth Staff