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By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 2/8/13 2:00am

9 Rules For a Really Big Corgi Meetup at the Beach — Matt Stopera, Buzzfeed
Rule 1: Look really, really irresistibly cute.

"Call Me Maybe" on Bottles

Awakening — Joshua Lang, The Atlantic
“That’s all I remember. I don’t see anything. I don’t feel anything. It’s absolute, abject terror. And the feeling that I am dying.” At that moment, Campbell realized that something had happened to her during her appendectomy, something that changed her forever. After several years of investigation, she figured it out: she had woken up on the table.

-Claire Groden, Evening Managing Editor (@ClaireGroden)

Classroom Meets Gallery — Randy Kennedy, The New York Times
Academically affiliated museums are often described as the jewels of their campuses. The term can carry the hidden implication that such collections, while treasures, are mere accessories, attached to universities but with no clear connection to their academic priorities.

-Jenny Che, Editor-in-Chief (@j_che29)

Netflix Original Series House of Cards

-Gardiner Kreglow, Publisher

CC Senior Helped Break Manti Te'O Fake Girlfriend Story — Bwog
The suspicion was just regular skepticism over such a tidy, sappy story. I was interested in it because if it were true it would be the nuttiest hoax anyone pulled off in a long time, so I said, “I want to do this story.” Tim, who’s very skilled with social media digging, joined in, and Tommy [Craggs], our editor-in-chief, also joined in, and we all started chasing it together. No, I just thought it would be a cool story if it were true. I didn’t expect it would get this much attention, but I said, “this will be a big story, we should really get a hop on it.”

-Diana Ming, Executive Editor (@DianaMing)

Outrage at Duke Over Fraternity's Asian-Themed 'Racist Rager' — Neetzan Zimmerman, Gawker
"Herro Nice Duke Peopre!!" read the opening line in the email inviting Dukies to "the return of Kappa Sigma Asia Prime."

-Gavin Huang, Photo Editor (@GavinHuang)

Controversial Opinion: "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" Was Way Better than the Show — Kate Dries, Buzzfeed
The climax of the film is at a concert in the Colosseum, which is so much more interesting than suburban America.

-Felicia Schwartz, Executive Editor (@fel_schwartz)
For the record, Felicia totally agrees.


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