Impress friends with last-minute Halloween costume ideas

By Carinna Arvizo | 10/30/12 11:00am

Cereal Killer: This formerly creative idea has been used by the costume idea-strapped masses, but it is still a great idea. Wear a box of cereal around your neck and stab a fake knife through the outside of the box. Use paint, fake blood or anything red to make the cereal box appear bloody.

Primary Colors: You and a group of friends can dress up in red, yellow and blue. All you need are red, yellow or blue bottoms and a top to match.

Zombie: This is a classic that’s always great. All you need is makeup, and cut up some old clothes if you want to go all out. If you want to dress up with a friend, maybe one of you should be Tallahassee from Zombieland. To dress up as Tallahassee, wear a v-neck shirt, leather jacket, jeans, boots, leather necklaces and a badass hat. Extra points for carrying a Twinkie throughout the night.

Patronus charm: Why be a Dementor when you can be a Patronus Charm? All you need is to wear all white or silver and paint your face white. Remember: Your Patronus can be anything, so get creative.

Binder full of women: This meme has already been overused, but it’s your best bet if you need a Halloween costume in a pinch. Attach a flap to your shirt and print pictures of women. Glue the pictures onto the flap.

Lego: This costume takes a little bit more time, but it’s still worth mentioning. Get a box big enough for you from the basement of your building or Hinman and paint it. Cut out some armholes and a hole for your head. And use paper bowls to make the knobs. Paint the paper bowls, cut two holes in them and attach them to the box with string.

Katniss Everdeen: Wear a black top, cargo pants, and combat boots. You can always carry a small backpack, which may turn out to be useful for the rest of the night. Try to make some arrows to stuff in the backpack with tape, paper, glue, and straws. If you manage to find a pin of a Mockingjay, great, but it probably won't be worth it trying to make one.

Sookie Stackhouse from "True Blood": You will need some black shorts, a white shirt, tennis shoes, and a small notepad. Try to find a green apron, but if not, nobody will notice. Next, cover the white shirt and your neck in fake blood. Extra points for the fairy wings.

One Direction: You need five people, some suspenders and meticulously styled hair.

Walter White from "Breaking Bad": Get some blue rock candy and grab a painter’s smock, a button down shirt and some slacks. You can try to grow a goatee, or simply use makeup. Finish the costume with some large glasses.

Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad": Wear an oversized hoodie, baggy pants and a beanie. You should also probably walk around with blue rock candy.

Pintrest: Wear a poster board that is full of pictures and the Pintrest logo at the top of the board. Make sure the board isn’t too big or heavy because that will become a problem.

Christian Grey from "Fifty Shades of Grey": Just wear jeans. But if you want to wear clothes that night, wear a suit with a silver tie. Extra points for props.

Classic tourist: All you need are sunglasses, a camera around your neck, socks with sandals, shorts and a touristy t-shirt. Come one, we all know you at least one "I Love New York" shirt.

Carinna Arvizo