Fashion Tips for Men, by Men

By Andrew Pham | 10/3/12 3:00am

1) Jeans are staple apparel for any college student, but I also like brown or darker tan colored khakis as they provide a more mature look for the seemingly nonchalant striver. Dockers D1 Slim Fit, similar to the Levi’s 514s, is my choice for the most affordable, versatile pair. I have personally found the Levi’s 514 Slim Straight pants to be the most comfortable and best fitting option, and I encourage anyone with a tight budget to seriously consider making these the main part of your outfit. For jeans and fit, I like to refer to Levi’s style numbering for comparisons, although others might have a favorite brand or prefer different, more suitable sizing alternatives. For most people, the Skinny 511s, Slim 513s, and 514s are the only jeans and pants that could give a flattering look. Even as a skinny guy, I found the 511s fit a little bit too tightly around the legs. Only the 511 pants have that fashionable form to them, whereas the 511 jeans made me look like a hipster from SoHo. The 514s boast superior comfort while still retaining a very decent cut, and I highly recommend them if you want a safe pick in your online shopping.

2) Shoes are a way to differentiate yourself and express the deeper aspects of your personality. Whereas the New Balance 990s portray a leaner, athletic and not-too-serious feel, something like a pair of Nike kicks can convey a more urban, b-boy style flow. Sperry Top-Siders offer a classic look that many people find appealing, but if you have the cash, check out blucher moccasins as they have a sharper, more mature, and higher quality look to them. I particularly like the Oak Streets in navy suede, or anything with suede. The general rule is to look for a slim fitting shoe that accentuates the form of your feet. You don’t want anything that’s too big on the sides or bulky. To that end, casual, low-top athletic shoes such as the Adidas Suede Campus 80 sneakers are a great addition to any college student’s collection.

That’s all the advice I have for this week. Hopefully, you too will consider a personal crusade against daytime sweatpants and oversized hoodies!

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Andrew Pham