Kelly's "Dartmouth Panels" installed on side of Spaulding

By Lauren Sarner | 7/12/12 9:33pm

Ellsworth Kelly is a renowned abstract artist with work displayed in museums throughout the world. Now, Dartmouth will join these ranks.

The upcoming year will entail installations by other renowned artists and various music and film festivals, featuring figures such as Yo-Yo Ma and John Lithgow. Kelley will be the first of these figures, with the unveiling ceremony taking place on Sept. 12.

Kelly is best known for his bright colors and minimalist designs. Born in 1923, his art is heavily influenced by postwar-era Paris. His debut into the American art world was initially difficult because his style was considered both too different and too European. Now, however, he is among the most influential American minimalist artists. The "Dartmouth Panels" consist of five panels that are each a unique solid color.The sculpture aims to provide visual contrast to the curving shape of the roof of Spaulding Auditorium.

Dartmouth is building upon a pre-existing relationship with Kelly, as the Hood museum has previously featured six of his pieces.

Black and his wife Debra contributed $48 million toward the construction of the visual arts center, and it was reported yesterday that Black was the previously unknown recent buyer ofEdvard Munch’s “The Scream," which he purchased for $120 million.

Lauren Sarner