DDS Detective: 'Italian' scrambled eggs

By Priya Krishna | 2/19/12 2:54pm



I may be a French minor, and I may have stud­ied abroad in France, but in the food de­part­ment, my heart lies with Ital­ians.

Pasta, pizza, gelato, frit­tata, fo­cac­cia — ba­si­cally, I have met very few Ital­ian dishes that I have not loved. So that’s why I have taken to Ital­ian­iz­ing all my fa­vorite dishes. Grilled chicken be­comes chicken parm. A sand­wich be­comes a tomato and moz­zarella panini. And so on. So this week’s DDS De­tec­tive “Ital­ian­izes” one of my fa­vorite break­fasts — scram­bled eggs!

  1. At Col­lis, order scram­bled eggs from the omelet line.
  2. Ask for three tomato slices to put on top of the eggs.
  3. From the salad bar, add a few shakes of oregano, basil, gar­lic and crushed red pep­per.
  4. Top the eggs and toma­toes with cheese.
  5. Mi­crowave it all for about 45-50 sec­onds.

Priya Krishna