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Last Friday, January 20th, 2012 — just two days after the 230th birthday ofDaniel Webster— marked the second anniversary ofCitizens United vs. FEC, a Supreme Court decision which "ushered in a new era of “corporate personhood” by finding that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited under the First Amendment," according toIndypendent.

"While corporate personhood has been part of the American legal system since the Supreme Court ruled onDartmouth College vs. Woodward1819 which strengthened the Contract Clause of the United States Constitution and laid the footwork for the current political strength, it became an entirely different animal in the past decade."-Indypendent.

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Monday marked the first day of the New Year for nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, as well asfor many Dartmouth students.

The Office of Sustainability, previously known as the Sustainability Initiative, is currently involved in a number of projects that range from the overarching sustainability strategic planning process to smaller scale projects around campus


Courtyard Cafe

  • Lunch: Chili Dogs with Fries

  • Dinner:General Tso's Chicken with Rice & Broccoli

  • Late Night: Chicken Wings&n ]]>bsp;

  • All meal plan equivalency swipes come with a choice of juice, fountain drink, coffee, tea or 8 oz carton of milk

Collis Cafe

  • Soup:Three Bean Tomato; Moroccan Chicken & Butternut Squashrong>

  • LunchEntree: Thai Tofu Stew

'53 Commons

Ma Thayer's

    • Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs; Hash Brown Patties; Ham; Blueberry Pancakes; Breakfast Burritos with Chorizo

    • Lunch: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo; Sloppy Joes; Waffle Fries; Spiced Carrots

    • Dinner: Barbecue Beef Brisket; Mashed Sweet Potatoes; Steamed Green Beans; Seafood Scampi; Veggies

The Hearth

    • Pizza: Cheese; Pepperoni; Veggie; Buffalo Chicken; Ham and Pineapple

    • Special:Roast Chicken with Green Beans; Rosemary Focaccia

The Grill

    • Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Chicken Nuggets; Fries; Build Your Own Burger featuring Halal Chicken Thigh; Grilled Chicken Breast; Local Beef or Wild Alaskan Salmon


    • Lunch:Balti Chicken Chili; Festive Rice; Challah; Cookies

    • Dinner:Szechuan Chicken; Sticky Rice; Challah; Cookies


    • Lunch:Garden Burger; Black Bean and Brown Rice Burritos; Quinua Pilaf; Green Beans with Roasted Red Peppers

    • Dinner:Garden Burger; Veggie Pad Thai; Steamed Bok Choy with Turnips; Tofu Stuffed Portabellas

Big Greens

    • Panini Bar:Chicken Florentine; Eggplant Parm

World View

    • Fried Rice

Novack Cafe

  • Specialty Wrap of the Day: Chicken Caesar

  • Soups of the Day:Vegetable Soup; Turkey and Bean Soup

  • Available Daily:

    • Hot & Cold Beverages

    • ready Made Sandwiches & Wraps

    • Delicious Baked Goods

    • Assorted Snacks

Byrne Hall


    • Grill Special:Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    • Deli Special:Roast Beef Sandwich with Chipotle Mayo, & Sautéed Onions

    • Vegetarian:Vegetable Pad Thai with Chopped Peanuts and Cilantro

    • Entree: Pork Tostada with Corn Tortillas and Assorted Toppings


    • Grill Special:Grilled Ribeye Steak with Crispy Onions and Steamed Green Beans

    • Vegetarian:Mutter Paneer with Cumin Basmati Rice

    • Entree:Pan Seared Salmon with a Tarragon Shallot Butter

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