La Belle Vie: Skiing in Style

By Isobel Markham | 1/21/12 5:31pm

I’m one of those skiers that everyone hates — the ones that don’t actually ski. I’ll happily fork out for a week in a European ski resort and spend the entire time sitting out on the deck of a mountain cafe knocking back glasses of vin chaud, watching more enthusiastic sportsmen zip past me down the slopes. The actual skiing part of the whole experience has always seemed far too much like hard work.

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But this year it’s going to be different — I am going to learn to ski, and until I’m worthy of these Chanel rosewood skis, I’ve vowed not to spend any more money on ski gear.


Courtesy Of Chanel

However, this should not stop you. When it comes to mountain wear, I reckon the brighter the better. Blinding white snow is just begging you to wear vibrant colors. People may not be color-blocking on the catwalk anymore, but on the slopes it’s a whole different ball game. I’d suggest how bright you go is inversely proportional to how good of a skier/boarder you are.


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If you’re a pro, you should go all out and treat yourself to this insanely incredible Rossignol zebra-print jacket. Or I guess if you’re a beginner it’ll be easier for the medevac pilot to find you.


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If you’re feeling daring, try teaming this gorgeous Spyder jacket with fur-trimmed hood in “blue bay” with Helly Hansen’s Blanche pants in scarlet. The jacket is chic enough not to be confined to the slopes, so you’ll more than get your money’s worth. I’d round the look off with these fabulous white Bloc goggles. If you’re more timid you could just go for these Rossignol gloves as a nod to the trend.


Courtesy Of Spyder

Guys should try the Rossignol Carrera jacket for some Euro-style and keep the pants understated. Or you could go for the Spyder Bromont jacket in “rage” (that color name should be incentive enough). If I were you, tempting as it is, I’d avoid red jackets — unless of course you want to be mistaken for a Dartmouth Skiway instructor. If you’re looking for goggles it’s always worth checking out Oakley, who have a wide range of options, especially these beauts.

For the time being, I shall be making do with my horrifically boring beige and baby-blue ensemble. Although, having said that, I do have tremendously weak resolve, especially where shopping is concerned. I give it three weeks before the Rossignol jacket is hanging in my closet.

Isobel Markham