Valentine's Day Round-Up

By Danielle Levin | 2/15/11 1:56pm

In honor of this auspicious holiday, I have compiled a list of the top 10 romantic things to do with a newfound post-Vday sweetie. Whether you’re a believer in love, a hater of the Hallmark holiday or just want to use the occasion to break out of your usual daily pattern, these activities are a great way to show your appreciation for one another and brighten the cold winter months.

Many thanks to the fans and not-so-fans of Valentine’s day whose tireless work has helped us compose this list:

Skeet Shooting – One female Dartmouth ’11 was adamant about her desire to shoot things on Valentine’s Day, but her efforts have thus far been fruitless. Most skeet shooting venues of the Upper Valley require would-be gun-wielders to be members in order to have access to the facilities. According to Kathryn Arffa ’11, the Organic Farm offers skeet shooting, but “you have to know someone.”

Romantic Dinner Off-Campus – The options abound in the Upper Valley for candlelit feasting! If you have a car, why not go for a change of pace and break out of the Dartmouth bubble at one of the following places: Stella’s (Lyme), Norwich Inn (Norwich), Tip Top Café (White River Junction), Skunk Hollow Tavern (Hartland), Simon Pearce (Quechee). Just don’t be surprised when you bump into hordes of other Dartmouth couples that just happen to be there too.

Romantic Dinner Really Off-Campus – With Boston only two and half hours away, there are a plethora of culinary options to satisfy your adventurous spirit, if you have a car or don’t mind shelling out for the Dartmouth Coach. For an extreme show of affection, I personally recommend starting with a wine and cheese picnic on Baker Fort Hill, followed by dinner at the Top of the Hub in the Prudential building, where seasonal tasting menus and astounding views of the city are sure to win you brownie points with your significant other.

Flowers! — Not exactly original, but there is nothing like some fresh flora to brighten a dismal dorm room in February. Just beware — Robert’s Flowers increases the cost per rose from $4 to $6.50 on Valentine’s Day! Addendum: Do not go overboard on the flowers, warns one Dartmouth ’12 female. Having 12 dozen (that’s 144) roses delivered to the bio class of someone you haven’t been dating very long doesn’t say, “Run into my arms.” It says, “Run away!”

Do Those Things You’ve Been Meaning to Do All Winter — Snow-shoeing. Cross Country Skiing. Boggle Club. A concert at the Hop. We all made promises to try new things in this winter wonderland, and having a valentine is the perfect excuse!

Solicit Serenades from A Cappella Groups — Nothing says “I love you” like 15 men in corduroy or plaid clothing singing love ballads to your date (No, seriously. Nothing). This campus is teeming with singing students, so grab a few to croon to a significant other pre-dinner, post-dinner, upon waking up — really just whenever.

Get Busy in the Snow Sculpture — ‘nuff said.

Discover New Places in Hanover —One ’11’s girlfriend set up a scavenger hunt for her that culminated in Molly’s takeout and a champagne dinner in Nathan’s Garden. A few blankets and a puffy jacket take care of the temperature issue, so don’t be afraid to explore outside in search of new ways to celebrate the people you care about.

Use Dartmouth’s Resources — The College offers a surprising number of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Attend one of the many Valentine’s Day related dinners or events (like Collis Governing Board’s Cheap Date Valentine’s Dinner — choose between three Murphy’s catered entrees, in addition to starters, desserts, special chocolates, and roses for everyone, all for $30). Rent a movie from Jones Media center and curl up in front of an imaginary fire (sigh, ORL regulations).

Do Nothing — My personal favorite, do nothing because you and your date are both overworked, tired and probably studying for more midterms/presentations/papers than is humanely possible, all due the day after Valentine’s Day.

Danielle Levin