Students elect David Millman ’23 and Jessica Chiriboga ’24 as student body president and vice president

1,458 ballots were cast in the election, down 5% from last year and 24% from 2020’s election.

by The Dartmouth Senior Staff | 4/27/22 5:13pm

by Naina Bhalla / The Dartmouth

Students have elected David Millman ’23 and Jessica Chiriboga ’24 as student body president and vice president, respectively, according to an email sent by the Elections Planning and Advisory Committee this evening. The two ran unopposed for their positions on a platform that emphasized reopening late-night dining at Collis Cafe, adding a student member to the Board of Trustees and establishing universal teletherapy, according to a campaign email sent to students on Monday.

Students voted electronically starting on Monday at 5 p.m. until Tuesday at 5 p.m. A total of 1,458 ballots were cast in the Student Assembly presidential and vice presidential elections, down about 5% from last year’s 1,531. Millman received 1,349 votes, and Chiriboga received 1,360, according to preliminary reports from the Elections Planning and Advisory Council. 

Out of 488 ballots cast to elect senior class president, Mubarak “Mubbie” Idoko ’23 won the election with 270 votes. Students elected Rocio Barrionuevo ’23, who ran unopposed with Idoko, as senior class vice president.

Students also elected class council executives, representatives to the committee on standards and organizational adjudication committee (COS/OAC) and house senators. 

The 2024 class council executives will be Elda Kahssay ’24, Emma Johnson ’24 and Alyssa LeBarron ’24. The 2025 class council executives will be Ben Casanova ’25, Eunice Antwi ’25 and Matt Jachim-Gallagher ’25. The COS/OAC representatives will be Arda Dumanli ’24, Harrison Hawkins ’23, Sam O’Donnell ’24, Jenna Myers ’23, Breanna Boland ’23, Eoin Hourihane ’23 and Blake Rouzie ’24.

The house senators for Allen House will be Saunak Badam ’23, Kami Arabian ’24 and Matthew Kim ’25. 

The East Wheelock House senators will be Gerol Fang ’23, Jason Acosta Espinosa ’24 and Jonathan Pazen ’25. 

The North Park House senators will be Elliott Montroll ’23, David Lim ’24 and Chukwuka Odigbo ’25.

The School House senators will be Sebastian Muñoz-McDonald ’23, Jack Trahan ’24 and Alejandra Victoria Carrasco Alayo ’25.

The South House senators will be Alex Lawson ’23, Anthony Fosu ’24 and Aarushi Jain ’25. 

The West House Senators will be Seria Zara ’23, Kiara Ortiz ’24 and Crawford Hovis ’25. 

This article has been updated to include the names of winning write-in candidates announced by EPAC in an email to campus on April 28. 

Jessica Chiriboga ’24 is a former member of The Dartmouth staff.

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