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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Credit or no-credit grading announced for all spring courses

All Dartmouth undergraduate courses will be graded on a credit or no-credit basis for the upcoming spring term, Provost Joseph Helble announced in an email to campus on Monday morning. Graduate courses will continue to use their regular grading systems. 

Courses, which will record on students’ transcripts as “CT” for credit or “NC” for no credit, may still count towards majors and general education requirements, Helble wrote. He added that they will not factor into students’ grade point averages and that median grades will not be reported. 

Helble said that uniform grading for this term only will be the best way to support all students, including those challenged by time zones and limited access to bandwidth or hardware, and those who may be providing care for family members.

The College’s physical education and swim test requirements will be waived for students graduating this spring. The blanket credit or no-credit grading system will be used only for the upcoming spring term, Helble wrote. Summer term courses will be assessed using Dartmouth’s regular grading system, even if those courses are taught remotely. 

A full list of spring courses will be available on Dartmouth’s course timetable later today, according to Helble. 

Another story with more information will be published in the future.