Editors' Note: Homecoming Issue 2019

by Maggie Doyle and Arielle Beak | 10/11/19 1:45am

by Divya Kopalle / The Dartmouth Senior Staff

Metamorphosis and migration are essential biological processes for many animals. For butterflies, metamorphosis is divided into distinct life cycle stages — egg, larva, pupa and adult. For humans, the process of maturation is messy, blurred and possibly indefinite. However, Dartmouth serves as a rare exception that allows us to point to a finite period of transformation. Migration, the seasonal movement of animals from one region to another, parallels the Homecoming experience. 

Like clockwork every mid-October, as the leaves change and students make their way through the heart of the term, various members of the Dartmouth community migrate back to the Big Green. Homecoming offers a unique opportunity to reflect on our own metamorphosis at Dartmouth — whether you’re a '23 who’s been here for five weeks or an alum returning after 50 years. 

This issue seeks to explore the Dartmouth journey, both within people and at the College itself. 

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